Meet the Rules & DizzeeByrd

Wide Open Food Company was established after acquiring six divine flavors of Anything Sauces. The creator of these sauces was convinced that these recipes dropped straight out of Heaven! Of course they did! How could anything that you can mix with, dip with, and grill with taste so good! We believe the windows of Heaven are wide open over Wide Open Food Company! Like Anything Sauce pouring out on your favorite dish, we pray the Lord will pour out His blessings on you as you make your own divine cooking creations. Please share with us how you used Anything Sauces. We would love to add your recipes to our cook book!


– Founders of Wide Open Food Company –
Martee-Rashelle-&-Family-2016 Martee and Rashelle Rule live in Nashville, Tennessee with their two sons, Chance and Christian. When they first got married The Lord told them He would “give them a business to help fund the ministry”, and He has been faithful to help them do that for many years. They are now believing for a much greater impact than they ever could have imagined through Wide Open Food Company! They are passionate about helping others live their lives to the fullest and reach their greatest potential.


My name is Dizzee and I’m a humming byrd. I was hatched in Walla Walla, Washington! I migrated South and now live in Nashville, Tennessee. I love to fly around and flap my wings and look for Anything Sauce to lap up with my long tongue. Anything Sauce is my favorite nectar and I’ll pretty much do anything to get some. Sometimes I get into bad trouble looking for Anything Sauce. I’ll be flying around and see some Anything Sauce and crash right into a window! One day I fell right into somebody’s bowl of Sweet Kick and almost drowned! It was a good thing I was able to lap that sauce up with my long tongue so fast that I saved my own life! But, that crash sure did make me dizzy! The other humming byrds make fun of me because I lap up so much Anything Sauce. I’m a little plump for a humming byrd. It’s hard for plump humming byrds to fly straight, so I sorta fly around and around, and that makes me dizzy too! That’s why all my friends call me Dizzee Byrd.

I love to stay in touch with my friends. You can send me recipes, or funny stories about why you think they call me Dizzee Byrd. I love Anything Sauce so much they put me on the bottle! And, I’ll be at all the events, so come see me!