DizzeeByrd’s Recipes

DizzeeByrd’s Recipes Hi Friends! It’s Me! Dizzee! I may be a Dizzee Byrd, but all the other humming byrds and even some humans think I’m a great cook! Anything Sauces make any meal wonderfully delicious! Just pick your favorite flavor and pour it on anything! But, you can do other stuff too. That’s why I went to Anything Sauce School, and now everything I cook is DELICIOUS. NOW, IF A HUMMING BYRD CAN COOK, SO CAN YOU!

Anything Sauce School is divided into 3 sections:
101 is Anything Sauce Basics
201 is Creative Ideas
301 is Real Recipes

ORIGINAL, WASABI, AND CHIPOTLE ANYTHING SAUCES are all carb free, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and MSG free. ORIGINAL ANYTHING SAUCE is a relative to the Northern Alabama White BBQ sauce that is used as a dip for BBQ pork and chicken. But we created our own version and expanded its versatility, and now cooks are using it for much more than a dip. The greatest thing about Original Anything Sauce is you can create your own unique flavors by adding herbs, seasonings, citrus, hot sauce or one of our favorites — SRIRACHA SAUCE! You may remember the ole’ Road Kill sauce that will make anything taste good? Well, that’s simply Original Anything Sauce and Sriracha Sauce combined to your taste. Voila — Road Kill Elixyr! This is just the beginning of the unlimited uses for Original Anything Sauce.

WASABI ANYTHING SAUCE has a very mild wasabi flavor. Interestingly, the more you shake Wasabi Anything Sauce, the hotter it gets. CHIPOTLE ANYTHING SAUCE is spicy jalepeno smoky awesomeness in a bottle! If you like the flavor but not the “spicy hot” then cooking with it removes the burn but not the flavor. SWEET KICK ANYTHING SAUCE is honey mustard flavor with a “kick”. It’s dairy free and MSG free, and honestly the sugar, the gluten and the carbs are very low.

DARN GOOD ANYTHING SAUCE has a sweet and spicy tomato flavor that is so darn good we decided to call it Darn Good Anything Sauce. It’s dairy free and MSG free too. This sauce has the most sugar and carbs, but again the gluten is very minimal. Unless it’s a serious health issue, you don’t need to be concerned about the gluten because it’s just an ingredient within an ingredient. FYI: ANYTHING SAUCES DON’T HAVE TO BE REFRIGERATED! They are shelf stable at room temperature for about 9 months!

There are no rules for using Anything Sauce. You are free to try a little of this or a lot of that! Anything Sauces are great for every type of cooking… marinating, sautéing, baking, grilling, and basting. Pour any of these flavors on chicken, turkey, beef, fish, tofu, enchiladas, tacos, pizza, sandwiches, or simply toss into noodles or casseroles. Anything Sauces are also a perfect substitute for oil, butter, mayonnaise, or salad dressing, and they make a great condiment for any dish. Flavors can be mixed or matched, and you can even add these sauces to cake, bread or baking mixes. Try grilling bread with Original, Wasabi, or Chipotle Anything Sauce. We call it Anything Bread (instead of garlic bread)!

Try using Anything Sauce instead of butter and make our signature Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Try making a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich or grilled Ruebens!

Scrambled eggs are delicious with Anything Sauce. Heat Anything Sauce in the bottom of a skillet, pour in some whipped eggs, and scramble to perfection!

Dip your favorite raw veggies, chips, or crackers in your favorite Anything Sauce. Create different flavors of dips. Add a Ranch flavor packet or any other flavor packet to any flavor of Anything Sauce. Mix with plain yogurt or sour cream for a thicker texture. Add Chipotle Anything Sauce to yogurt or sour cream for a southwest dip. If you want it hotter, add hot sauce or picante sauce and let it sit for a few hours before serving. Pour Anything Sauces, any flavor, straight from the bottle as a salad dressing or a condiment. Add Blue Cheese crumbles to Original Anything Sauce and set overnight — the best ever! Try Wasabi instead of cocktail sauce on seafood, or mix Wasabi and cocktail sauce together. Add any flavor of Anything Sauce to tuna fish instead of mayonnaise.

Spread any flavor of Anything Sauce on any sandwich! Think roast beef, turkey and avocado with Wasabi Anything Sauce! Avocados ala Anything: Mix your favorite flavor of Anything Sauce with an avocado! If you like, squeeze a lemon or lime into it, or add a hint of onion and cilantro. Spread your avocado ala Anything on a sandwich and dip it in Darn Good. Sweet Kick Anything is the chicken go-to sauce! Again, marinate, bake, grill, and dip. Put Sweet Kick in your egg salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, or coleslaw. Broccoli slaw and Sweet Kick is so good!

Darn Good makes a great steak marinate, or mix it in with meatloaf or hamburger patties. Put it in your spaghetti, or make Darn Good Sloppy Joes. And of course, don’t forget our easy signature Darn Good Meatball Appetizers. Darn Good goes great on an antipasto salad or roasted tomatoes and mozzarella. Try it on French fries or 0nion rings instead of ketchup.

Slice a fresh pineapple and brush with Anything Sauce and grill. Do the same thing with asparagus and Wasabi Anything Sauce. Try grilling any fruit or veggie with any flavor of Anything Sauce.

ANYDO SAUCE — not Alfredo Sauce! Heat up desired portion of whatever flavor of Anything Sauce and toss over pasta. Add fresh garlic, minced garlic or garlic powder and red pepper if you like. Allow to simmer until garlic is sautéed and add lots of parmesan cheese to taste. The parmesan cheese will thicken up the sauce and give you that cheesey texture. Sautee or grill chicken and/or vegetables in your favorite Anything Sauce. Then toss over pasta for your own creation of Anydo pasta.

Serve with Anything Bread which is grilled bread made with your favorite Anything Sauce instead of butter.